September - October 2019


This workspace is for partners and stakeholders in  the Erasmus Plus project entitled Financial Education for Adults (FEDA).



Project Aim

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver financial education, enhance the professional development of staff and develop innovative approaches to learning including the use of digital technology to improve the overall quality of the provision and stimulate demand for financial education.


Project Objectives: 

1. Evaluate current approaches and practices in teaching financial education

2. Determine the level of finance competence in finance among teachers 

3. Improve the pedagogical and financial competence of teachers

4. Equip teachers with new tools to deliver financial education

5. Stimulate demand for learning and increase the take-up of financial training

6. Improve the accessibility and quality of training in personal finance

7. Mobilise social capital to help promote financial education

8. Provide guidance to organisations wanting to develop capacity to deliver financial education


Planned Results

  1. Financial competency framework for teachers of financial literacy

  2. Financial competency framework for adults;

  3. Country Analysis Reports - critical analyses  of policies, strategies and initiatives to promote financial education in participating countries;  

  4. Game on financial literacy (board game and online); and

  5. Guidance for promoting and teaching financial literacy to adults.


Project Partners:

Barnet and Southgate College - United Kingdom

Centrul pentru Formare Profesionala si Dezvoltare Regionala - Romania

Global Learning & Skills Partnership - United Kingdom

Egyéni és Társadalmi Felelösségvállalásért Alapítvány - Hungary

Latvia Adult Education Association - Latvia

Prometeo - Italy

Recursos Cursos Futuros , Unipessoal, LDA - Portugal


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